Cocoon Lamp
    It’s a new project of the German designer Patric Günther, Cocoon lamp. Digital design is one of his favorites. Usually automated production technologies, innovative materials and new manufacturing methods found his design. On the hunt for innovative production technologies, he crossed the topic “rapid prototyping”, which became the groundwork for his subject “generative techniques and their impact on design processes.” His goal was to design and produce a product completely digitally. The luminaire “cocoon” was the outcome of Patric Günther`s work.
    By the use of 3D modeling programs the product was designed, light distribution calculated, statics verified and the record generated. Through the record a fully automatic fabrication was possible by means of the PolyJet technology by Objet Geometries.
    The idea derives from the parallelism between PolyJet manufacturing technology, a technique for the production of particularly complex shapes, and the behavior of insects.
    A piece of modern design on the edge between art, an outer structure with clean design, an organic form that highlights and, swinging, brings out the inner element, inspired by the cocoon, the metamorphosis of insects, especially caterpillars. Geometry consisting of multiple elements that wind around the light source. The lamp can be turned, laid or hung up in different positions. The optical appearance or the desired effect can be defined by the user.
  • after 0,2 h, printing the blinding layer
  • after 4,5 h
  • after 29 h
  • after 52 h
  • after 74 h
  • remove the support material
rapid prototyping 2.0
3D printed lamp by polyjet technology.
Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Product Design